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Oregon Cannabis businesses and residents have been making headlines recently by jumping in on presidential politics. Foster Buds and its sister dispensary Glisan Buds made national headlines with their fundraiser “Burn One for Bernie.” Donating proceeds from pre-rolled joint sales directly to the Bernie Sanders campaign. Portland residents came in droves to support this push for president, pushing up dispensary sales, providing the ability for a sizeable donation to be made. Also notable, Ariel Zimman, a 29-year-old artist from Portland, is currently producing and selling ceramic pipes featuring Bernie Sanders’ logo in support of his presidential campaign; through her company, “Stonedwear” she has been making regular contributions as well.

Inspired by and wanting to assist Bernie on the trail to the white house, passionate Hemp and Cannabis advocate, Ben Christensen, founder of Oregon Hemp Works, a company that produces a variety of hemp soap bars…

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