Hear What Happened When This Adorable 65-Year Old Woman With Cancer Took Mushrooms

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magic-mushrooms-varieties-3The 65 year old psychotherapist Estalyn Walcoff was devastated when she was told that she’s suffering from untreatable lymphoma 5 years ago. But, realizing that having negative thoughts won’t do her any good, she decided to incorporate a spiritual outlook into her life.

She began looking for ways to help herself and came across a study that required test patients for consumption of psilocybin, the active ingredient in ‘magic mushrooms’, with hopes in treating anxiety and depression in cancer patients.

When she got in NYU where the testing took place, she was amazed by the environment. “There was a couch, flowers, and books, and it seemed not-study-like” she recalls. “Jeff and Seema had a wonderful ritual with the three of us, intending for how that day would go, which I thought was lovely. I also asked if I could read a poem, and play a song that really moved me…

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California GOP Congressman Is a Medical Marijuana Patient |


Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has long been friendly to medical marijuana. In fact, he’s the co-sponsor of an important piece of legislation that bears his name: the Hinchey-Rohrabacher medical marijuana amendment stops the federal government from spending money to enforce federal laws in legal medical marijuana states. He’s also a supporter of legalizing recreational marijuana in California.

Even with all this, Rohrabacher’s public declaration that he’s a medical marijuana patient absolutely stunned the activists at a NORML gathering in Washington DC.

According to Russ Belville, Congressman Rohrabacher said that he’s had severe arthritis pain in his shoulder due to many decades of surfing. Just like many other people, he went to a hempfest in San Bernadino and found relief from a topical product containing cannabis…no smoking required.

This is big. It’s the first time since Ronald Reagan was in office that a sitting U.S. Congressperson has admitted to using marijuana. And Congressman Rohrabacher is not…

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