Medicinal marijuana – the science.


In April I attended a medical lecture on ‘medicinal marijuana”.  The lecturer presented the science of the topic, rather than the hype, the politics, or the cognitive bias people have about the stuff (either positive and negative). I thought he did a good job; I felt the data presented was trustworthy to pass it on to my patients.  I promised Spo-fans I would summarize it here as well. This entry is a bit ‘dry’ and lecture-like.

I predict I will get hate mail and protestations in the comments. Keep in my folks, this was presented by some of the top docs in the country. “Evidence-based medicine” was the point. If you don’t like or agree with the contents, then it is the science not me with what you have issue.

He focused on marijuana (MJ) as a legal recreational drug more than as a medicinal product. For the latter he…

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